In the Southeast, hurricanes and severe weather are as woven into our lives as live oaks and magnolias. At first glance, hurricanes and trees don't mix. High winds and pounding rains place intense stress on trees. But the good news is that trees have evolved to withstand bad weather. If you keep your tree healthy, you can help keep it standing through the storm. 

Savannah Tree Foundation has developed a four-step guide to preparing your trees for hurricane season. Tree care is an ongoing task that should continue throughout the entire life of the tree. Don't wait until a storm is coming to prepare. Follow these tips each year to best protect your trees and your property: IDENTIFY, INSPECT, PRUNE, PROTECT!

Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th, intensifying late in the summer.

Do you know how to prepare your trees for severe weather?

Four Step Hurricane Prep


To prepare your trees for hurricane season, you first need to IDENTIFY any trees with potential risk. 

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Once you identify potentially risky trees, you then need to get them  INSPECTED by an expert. 

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Watch this video to learn about how and why trees are PRUNED for both tree health and hurricane prep.

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If a tree fails during a storm, your first priority is to PROTECT yourself and those around you. 

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